Houlton Coin

What are these coins worth?

Is the Buffalo nickel worth $1, $20 or $100? Assessment of condition and rarity is the only way to tell.

Seattle Coin Appraisal

Houlton coin provides a personalized service for each of its clients. From a simple appraisal of a few coins to a complex liquidation of a family estate, Houlton Coin tailors its service to clients in need of honest information and realistic expectations

Services include Simple Appraisal, Insurance Appraisal, Estate Division and Liquidation.

Appraisals can be done at your home, a bank or a convenient public place. Keith Neroutsos has been buying and selling coins for over 40 years in the NW and National market places.

Phone: 206-291-5811

E-mail: keith@houltongroup.com

Seattle WA